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Photography by @dashahcowley


6 March 2023



If allowed the mind wonders,

she spirals and screams,

deep beneath the depths 

of your beautiful lost dreams.


Grabbing the leash of grief

she attaches it to your collar, 

allowing you only the radius, 

of where her feet wander.


The ground holds still as you plummet,

your joints dismantle with each wheeze,

you expected one day you’d end up here;

her pitied prisoner with glue where one sees. 


Numbness whispers it’s better to be blind,

but scratch open your eyes, open them wide!

Reach beyond her stutter, her trembling thighs, 

for through her hindered haze, there is no other side.


Does it remain; this alternate place where acceptance is?

Unanswered… why then persist?

For the answer filling your ears from someone else’s lips,

will simply mean you cease to exist.


Right now the air is thin, 

the choker tightens with every breath, 

if allowed, her reins will shorten, 

creating a blinks distance between you and death.


The victim will surrender, 

veered by vices, persuaded by pity,

leaving you and her alone and lost, 

within the same realm, the stand still city. 


Instead split splinters to cracks as you stand tall,

rebuild your spine with the foundation of loss, 

for stopping will kill you, 

why stay here if you can find somewhere else to cross? 


She may resist, replay, and remember, 

but to grow is to allow,

it is not her memory you fall at,

but her perception of now. 


So when she calls be grateful-

a testament to our fallen angles who make no sound,

it is because of them we know love,

only from the clouds can you see the ground.


So be kind to her, your Mind.

Resist the urge to understand her but free her instead,

she is merely a conceptual thinker,

borrowing from your head.

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