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A Still from Foundry's Latest Film

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7 July 2024

'Creative by Nature', Foundry Films


Edinburgh based Foundry Films, known for their visually striking and emotionally resonant productions spanning art, music, adventure, and mental health, recently celebrated their second anniversary with "Creative by Nature," a free entry three-day exhibition at The Alchemy Experiment in Glasgow. This event showcased Foundry's signature blend of digital and analogue techniques, creating films that linger long after viewing.

'Creative by Nature' Exhibition, Glasgow

The exhibition space, a large open-plan room with exposed brick and expansive windows, buzzed with activity. The natural light flooding through the windows complemented the nature-themed works perfectly. 

The centrepiece was the premiere of Foundry's latest film featuring artist duo Dalziel + Scullion's work ‘Hona’ This meditative piece, along with films by Meg Wriggles, Viola Madau, and Jemima Hall, invited viewers to experience nature's rhythms and quiet power, echoing the exhibition's overarching theme.

A Still from Foundry's Latest Film

A diverse array of Scottish artists showcased works that resonated with the land. Iona Peterson's ‘Achosnich/Field of Sighing Wind,’ was a moving sculpture of breathing grass, poignantly highlighting nature's vitality and our responsibility to it. Danielle Macleod's haunting black-and-white beach photographs evoked a sense of solitude and connection to Scotland's rugged coasts. Films by Zoe Gibson and Edward Summerton also were shown in the screening on the first night.

The exhibition's exploration of Gaelic culture culminated in a folklore evening led by Morvern Graham which took up space in the downstairs part of the gallery. This space was cave-like in its atmosphere which perfectly set the scene for Graham to guide the audience. Her magnetic storytelling transported attendees through four traditional tales, weaving themes of nature and community in a way that felt both ancient and urgently relevant.

A Still from Foundry's Latest Film

"Creative by Nature" succeeded in its aim to celebrate Scottish artistry while inspiring a renewed appreciation for our environment and nature. There was a strong ethos of focusing on local talent and storytelling. One of the main takeaways for me was that the exhibition offered a refreshing antidote to commercialised nature experiences. Instead, it encouraged visitors to engage with their surroundings in simple, organic, meaningful ways – a timely reminder of the creative inspiration and solace freely available in Scotland's wild spaces. Engaging with nature is vital for creatives, offering a wellspring of inspiration and a space for reflection. The rhythms, patterns, and raw beauty of the natural world exemplified within this exhibition can spark fresh ideas and perspectives, whilst providing a counterpoint to our increasingly digital lives. Moreover, connecting with nature in this deeper sense helps foster a sense of stewardship, encouraging creatives to address pressing ecological issues through their work, making art that not only reflects the world but also strives to protect it. Creative by Nature will loop all films continuously at The Alchemy Experiment until July 9th. 

 Lotte & Meg of Foundry Films

In terms of future hopes for Foundry Films, Meg and Lotte aim to continue to support and showcase the brimming artistry within Scotland whether that be through film or other ways. 

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